October Be Active: 15 Hours Challenge

Special Tour 30 day Availability: 2019-10-01
Pune, Maharashtra, India

“Be Active” in an initiative to challenge like minded people who have leaned the importance of active lifestyle. We want people who can Run or Bike or Swim for 15 hours during entire month. If an athlet clocks 15 hours of active time in April 2019 he completes the challenge. The primary intention is to spread awareness of active lifestyle. Do spread this event with your friends and loved ones. Challenge your friends for their better future.

Event Starts: 1st Oct 2019
Event Ends: 31st Oct 2019

Rules and regulations: 
  • This is online event and will be supported by mobile app named STRAVA.
  • Every athlete must join the Strava club. Link will be sent to each participant by email on 31st March
  • Event registration is compulsory to participate
  • An athlete must complete 15 hours active time during entire month
  • There is no upper or lower limit on distance and number of activities
  • 15 hours of training can be completed with any permutation and combination of Bike Run & Swim
  • There is no constraints on training locations
  • Successful finisher will get a finisher medal and and weekly progress report
  • An athlete with maximum number of training hours will get his registration fees
  • Mannually added activities will not be considered. Any run with pace more than 8.30mins/km will be excluded.


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