Memorable Trek of Harishchandragad Fort

It is always good to meet nature now and then. This is also an occasion when we can meet ourselves too. And what can be more appropriate thing to do it than go for trekking. Trekking is something which helps us to meet nature and us both at the same time. At least this is why I go for the trekking. And Harishchandra fort trek was no exception to this. I had done this trek before but in the winter. But when I saw the dry streams filled with myriads of stones, I told myself that, “Man you must come here in the rain!” And so I did it this time, thanks to the Kayakars.
As usual it was a well-organized trek and so no complaints for it except I am missing non-veg food as I can’t eat it at home. My mother don’t allow it and I still can’t dare to go against her. J What I like most about the Kayakars guys, Mangesh, Amar and Sunil, is that they are down to earth human beings. It was my fourth trek with them and I have shared some crucial and testing moments with them so I can tell it with authority. They are always ready to help without a frown. And believe me it is not easy to do so while handling 40+ different people with different moods and attitudes. And it is not possible if you don’t loving what you are doing and you can see that love in their eyes while they trek. So kudos to you guys!
For me trekking is part of my rejuvenating process. As you know you can’t see the nature in it’s real beauty and aura not because it’s not present in the city, but because we are so busy in our mundane works that we can’t notice or feel it. That is why we need to say ‘time please’ and run to meet the nature and trekking is all about it. But it is not only seeing or meeting the nature only. It is about seeing inside us and meeting ourselves too. At least that is what trekking means for me and so I do it. It gives me chance to take a look into the past, put some time aside to visit ourselves and recharge our batteries once again.
Harishchandra fort trek is not a hard trek to do but it requires a lot of time to complete. It is a test of endurance power and at the end of the trek, ask your feet and it will tell you how hard the trek was! But probably they will not be in a condition to answer your question. J Such harsh trek is a nice way to know if you are mentally and physically fit or not. And at the end of the trek you get a sense of achievement which really makes you feel better. The pre-trek discomfort, self-doubts all vanishes and we say to ourselves that it was a right decision not to miss the trek. It is the chance to discover oneself and ponder a little about oneself forgetting all the worries for some time at least and take more strength to fight our problems with us. At the end of trek we take more confident ‘new we’. We also feel much closer to the nature and remember once again that we are part of the nature, that we own the glorious legacy of the history made by our fore-fathers. It makes us more proud about our history and more responsible also. At least that should we take home. So thank you again team Kayakars for giving us this opportunity and we expect more to come from you in the future also. All the best for that!

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    akash dahake
    3:13 am - October 10, 2019 / Reply

    We are finalizing our schedule to December 2nd-3rd week. Is any package available in this time.

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