K2S- Full Moon Walk

It’s  too early on this blog for our K2S trek, because group of 100+ people yet to finish their trek exhausted sleep. After end of my fourth event with TheKayakers I feel  now I am become part of enthusiastic, extremely professional & crazy trekking family. I visited Sinhgad more than 20 times, but never thought of enjoyment and beauty of K2S way to visit sinhgad. After instructions from Mangesh, Started around 8.30 PM from top of old Katraj Tunnel towards Sinhgad. This trek includes 7-8 hills to climb and descend and around 12 KM walk through mountain. No one imagine at start anybody can walk 12 KM’s in daily routine in city, beauty of nature always provide you different energy to do this, In Month of May where every city observing temperature 40+ we experienced extreme shivering cold and crazy wind, at end of couple of hills we stopped for dinner by 11 PM. As everyone experienced and mentioned in their feedback with Kayakers is about Food, Really hats off to the Co coordinators who carrying Food items during every trek, When you are exhausted and you are at top of mountain and you are asking your friend do you have something to eat. At such place if you will get such good food, its gives you pleasant feeling. Important stuff about food is, you will get good food but it will never make you shaky for further trek.

We have started just after Moon rise and ended with Moon set at Sinhgad, Kayakers carry all precautionary stuffs during trek e.g first aid box. You will find coordinators always at place where never you observe hard patch of trek. Finally would like to thank Kayakers, THE TEAM Mangesh, Sunil, Amar, Mandar, Arpit, Lalit, Siddhu and many more, Trekking is my hobby, I like to visit Forts more than any city, but now I am relax, because now I need not to do any planning myself and need not convince people to join me. Now I have to just check updates on www.thekayakers.in “Events” link.

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