“As I am rising high and high, my body gives me signal that we are cut-off from the land and there is no place to venture into the space also. We are flying in between the vast void filled with air and light and my own screams of fear, thrill and ecstasy. Though the adrenaline swiftly takes the high rush, the feeling that I will go down safely to the land, soothes my soul. Wind is kissing my whole body. The soaring height making me dizzy yet I am enjoying the moment. Below the land looks green and alive. People small and innocent. Everything looks so real so pure. I am having the dialogue with myself. From above life seems so grand, all the worries, problems of everyday life, seems so meaningless. I am feeling the out of body experience that dissolves my ego and I realize I am above all the little things, above all the frivolous thoughts and I am part of the nature. I am nature itself!”

I wrote this paragraph for one of my novel well before I actually experienced the flying. It was pure imagination of a writer but I am glad it was near perfect, when I actually flew in the paraglide.

Thanks to Team the Kayakers, I enjoyed the Sunday afternoon to the fullest.
It all started with a wonderful night trek towards the fort Tikona. The up-stepping was fun and when we reached the base the first of many wonderful sights was awaiting for us in the sky. It was filled with legions of brilliant stars and I was doing nothing but gazing its beauty like a person newly fallen in love. The wind was perfect for the camp-fire and with the help of few of us, Pankaj gathered quite the raw material for the fire and Varsha lit the fire. Soon we gathered around it and then started playing the always reliable game of Antakshari. All were enthusiastic to pour their hearts into the songs. Surabhi, Srushti were particularly enjoying the momentum and Mitesh was fanning their fiery spirits. Amruta was also singing her heart while supplementing it with the proper acting too. It was a fun night in all.

In the morning we have the presence of some over enthusiastic fort-dwellers with hungry tummies and sharp attention to grab anything that resembles food. Batra can tell you more about them. He was quite famous among them for a short period. As we started to descend our minds were already flying high anticipating the upcoming paragliding show. The descend was particularly a memorable moment for me and Neha, as we had little discussion over the need of the statue of Shivaji Maharaj to be erected soon in the Arabi sea. Though we couldn’t come to the conclusion as the discussion was incomplete I hope we may get another chance to renew it in the future.

After having wonderful meal we fought hard not to fall asleep in the Jeep while riding towards the Paragliding sight. The road to the sight helped us in that effort and woke up all the sleep heavy people and made sure to keep them so. The sight was filled with people, sky with Para-gliders and our hearts were pumping extra blood to keep the Josh in us ever rising. I was lucky to have the second chance as the flying was based on wind velocity and body weight combination. As my pilot started flying the Para-glide I started screaming involuntarily. We were going high and high and I was literally feeling being on the cloud nine. What I felt then I have written in the first paragraph. I knew at that time why Right brothers and other inventors were so mad after flying. Thanks to those guys we can fly safely now.

As I have to go back soon I missed the excitement of the other people. But I am sure they also had the same feelings. I hope Neha, Kajal and Varsha got the chance to fly soon as they have to wait too long for their turns to come. They might have gotten strong motivation to increase the weight after this event.

The back journey was also fun. I had nice conversation with Anjali who is a good poet too. So we hope to listen to her poetry in the next event soon. I discovered that Batra is from Nagpur so it was nice to talk to him as I am also from Vidarbha. It was creditable that both of them travelled a long distance and a lot of money to participate in the event but I am sure the event was worth to take this much trouble. And of course the credit goes to the Team Kayakars also for arranging it safely.

It was for the first time Varsha led the event along with Pankaj and both did a good job. I think Mangesh can now open the first branch of the Kayakers in Bengaluru. Thanks a ton to Sunil for this wonderful experience. When he asked me how I felt, just after the landing, I said it was fantastic and he said, “Your face told me so already!” indeed words are secondary tools of expressing our feelings. Our emotions tell it all in the first place. Thank you Team Kayakers for another memorable adventure. We look forward to more such memories.