The unforgettable Kayaking experience!

Well my hands, thighs and shoulders are still reminding me that is was an unforgettable kayaking at the kayaking camp organized by the Kayakers group. I am sure that I am echoing the same feeling of the other participants too. But sure it was an indeed mixed exposure to our physical as well as mental limits of patience and endurance and not to forget our fear. The patience of learning this wholly new adventure sport, endurance to put into practice this newly acquired kayaking skills and fear of drowning. Well I think we all passed this test quite well that is why we proudly collected the participating certificates at the end of the event and photographed it for the eternity as well. Those happy faces said it all that it was another successful event by the Kayakers.

Kayaking sport is not so famous in our country as with the other adventure sports. The reason is I think we are little lazy by the nature. But if someone takes the trouble to wake up us and hauled to such testing fields, it surely awakens the hidden adventurer in all of us. That is what actually happens when we hit such camps, treks etc. Personally I can’t swim and though I love the calm flowing river and its surrounding somewhat poetic, I can’t stand the idea of getting into it. So my first ride on the k-4 was something like a baby who walks for the first time. Who wants to walk but falls, tumbles, cries and still wants to do it the second time as it has got that taste of walking. For five times I thought I will fall from the kayak and took it along with me. But fortunately that did not happen. Though when one k-4 capsized we really enjoyed that moment from the safe distance on the bank. J Back to my epic journey, I was not less excited than the Columbus himself who went for searching new lands for the first time. So I kept pushing myself. Though my feet were dancing like Hrithik Roshan to the tune of “idhar chala mai udhar chala, pata nahi mai kidhar chala!” I finally managed to row for a couple of minutes and got away with it. My second round in the k-2 was nice. My third k-4 round was also good.

Meanwhile we had good Nashta and really nice food. It was simple yet its taste is still lingering on my taste buds. During the lunch I had a pleasure of meeting two sweet girls. They asked my introduction and we had nice talk about our experience and also about the food. But I was so rude that I didn’t ask them for their names but now I know it. So Archita and Noopur here I am again thanking you for your short but sweet company.

After such a wonderful food it was but impossible to avoid a little siesta so I did no disrespect and slept for a while.

The final round of kayaking was made memorable by my namesake i’e. Pratik who was as polite, intelligent, thoughtful just like me though certainly more handsome than me. J In our entire stint he guided us nicely, instructed patiently, and cheered us up with sweet pep-talk. We also had our moments of crisis when two of our co-kayakers got cramp in their feet. So we sent SOS to another Mama from the OBM who gave us a friendly scolding before saving us. We again start kayaking on k-4 but this time with one man less. To ice the cake, the OBM sent lots of gentle waves towards our kayak though I really thought those waves were no lesser than tsunamis. But in the end we finished the round safely.

Not to forget the sweet birthday celebration of quiet gentleman another Mama Mr. Rajesh Bhalekar and his ice-cream treat accompanied by the flute concert of Santosh.

So this was another feather to the cap of the Kayakers. Thanks Mangesh, Suneel, Amar, Pankaj and Varsha for your efforts to make it memorable as always. I hope Mangesh finally had met his lady sleep. So far so well! Let’s meet up again all guys and have fun. Till then keep living keep rocking!